Deceitful Web Of Sinful Pleasures

We watch the little spider how he spins.
Well, we don't even know where he begins,
He knows what he's doing, one thread at a time,
The way he works in rhythm in rhyme.
He spins his thread for a feeding place,
Where he gets his threads, is by God's grace,
He catches insects to feed himself
We could take a lesson, from his shelf.
We shouldn't worry about the spiders web
But, worry where we'll be after we're dead,
If we forget God, we'll be trapped by sin
That beautiful city, we'll not enter in.
We have our homes and family fair.
And for them none can compare,
But, these are earthly and will perish
Blessings of God we will always cherish.
So let's strive for eternal salvation
Tell the world, all over the nation
When we're laid to rest, work all done
We'll be far better, than when we begun.

by Katherine Butcher

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