AL (05-29-91 + still living / Wake County, NC)


My heart is deceitful to the body
And desperately wicked to the body
Taking me a lifetime to discover the truth
Not knowing the definition of the word “truth”
Trusting the truth of miracles and magic
The leaves have been rejected
By the trees they once connected with
Fall has come along with
The trait to separate, leaving frowns
Leading everything out of town
Trying to let go of my heart
So I can begin a brand new start
Knowing life is never an easy dream
It’s always better to daydream
Even when there’s all good
I still plea to not be misunderstood
Sometimes I’m so carefree
That it seems like all I have is worry
I find myself alone regretting
Some little foolish thing
Trying to leave them all behind
Not realizing the signs
That led me home
So I wouldn’t be alone
A thief creeps up behind you
You try to figure out what to do
Now I’m still here waiting
Trying to stop myself from bleeding
So that I can find my purpose
I’m still holding on for that purpose
I sit alone watching the clouds
And it seems so loud
Wanting to break free
Sending a message out to me
All the smiles that it had to fake
All the pain that it had to intake
Knowing life is more than it seems
For it wasn’t meant for chasing dreams
Missing the sound of my voice
Knowing that I still have a choice

A choice to lead the way – No other alternative
I have no choice to choose my alternative
Changing my identity to escape my fate
Looking at my calendar for the date

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An earnest 10 from me............down this road! knowing you wish not to be misunderstood!
keep following the road another -10 points