Amoretti Lxvii: Like As A Huntsman

Like as a huntsman after weary chase,
Seeing the game from him escap'd away,
Sits down to rest him in some shady place,
With panting hounds beguiled of their prey:
So after long pursuit and vain assay,
When I all weary had the chase forsook,
The gentle deer return'd the self-same way,
Thinking to quench her thirst at the next brook.
There she beholding me with milder look,
Sought not to fly, but fearless still did bide:
Till I in hand her yet half trembling took,
And with her own goodwill her firmly tied.
Strange thing, me seem'd, to see a beast so wild,
So goodly won, with her own will beguil'd.

by Edmund Spenser

Comments (3)

Nice poem, Mia. I like the decision to move on with life after disappointment. Well written. Thanks Best wishes Richard
In this poem there's something nostalgic and idealized, however its inspiration is sincere and its style impeccable.
Your pain is felt in the words you have expressed in this write, wish you well, take care. Scott