(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Deceiving Wolves Masquerading Like Sheep

Refusing to have their continued actions viewed,
As losers who have become incompetent and confused...
So they have begun to solicit fashion designers to create,
An assortment of blindfolds for a designated demographic...
Would love to wear and appreciate.
In the hopes this fad will establish a new rage,
That will be adopted by those into the latest craze.
Who will then allow themselves to be led around,
By deceiving wolves masquerading like sheep!

'I can not see.
How am I guaranteed you have been the sheep selected,
Specifically for me? '

~You look good.
You look stylish and terrific.

'I hear the sounds of oncoming traffic.
Are you leading me into a busy intersection?
Are you going to abandoned me,
In the middle of the street? '

~Keep your blindfold on.
You look good.
You look stylish and terrific.
Allow me to be your eyes and ears.
Trust me.
I am here to ensure your safety.
Soon you will get the message.
And it will hit you to remove all disbelief.

What is the message? '

~This one approaches with a speed,
To be delivered before you can get across the street.
I have others to assist.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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