With Hard Work

It is me alone
To identify as one
Even though surrounded by many
Yet it is to be realized fully

You may meet success
With full access
And determination
Still more efforts needed for action

Think of primary goal
Think respond to call
You are in mid way
The aim should not be washed away

No one may come to guide
You only have to decide
If you are believer in good faith
You shall have peace with easy breath

The wealth accumulation is no success
If poor are unhappy with your chase
Take steps to see no one is troubled
Your nobility must reign as you have struggled

Earn more but with hard work
Spend too with smiling face and words
That may give you mental peace
Life may be spent at ease

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

Comments (2)

Claude Amazing showcase of poetry, keep it up
This is a 10. It is so very sad when people have the gall to judge another's works. Once a 7.7 or a lessor vote is in place it sadly skews all other subsequent votes. Now...Mr.10 C. McKay this is a moving and poignant work. It speaks to those that have lost MOM. And though you are gone...thank you for leaving the world your masterful creations for all to share. Especially, December,1919.