The Ups And Downs Of Life

When life seems to be falling apart
you try to push through it with a happy heart
when your world is crumbling down
you brave through the tears and try not to frown

when things get on top
you take a moment and stop
you think if i can get through this
i could get through anything
you can make changes on your way
and keep the happiness you have everyday

when more things go wrong
it takes all you have to stay strong
like of your a single parent of one
who family have all gone
you have to raise them on your own
and occasionally feeling lonely when no one is home

soon all the kids have moved out
still not getting use to hearing silence rather than the scream and shout

on the day they are to marry
you remember the time of that baby you use to carry
now grown up and having one of their own
getting excited when they arrive at your home

finding out the day she is due
telling her things your own mother told you
when the baby is finally there
your worries disappear into think air
seeing that little face staring at you

all ready feeling a bond between you two
looking forward to be getting old
so there can be more grand-babies for you to hold
telling them stories about your past
wondering why they grow up too fast

but then its the day
they move away
no more laughter fills the room
the air feels overcast and gloom

hearing their voices lightens the day
until its your time to pass away
sitting by the window on the phone

dying peacefully but never alone

by Melissa Furey

Comments (9)

Quite interesting and entertaining!
I have to get out of bed to write this down without my glasses on....
Interesting poem....... getting up only to write these verses. thank u. tony
Short yet very entertaining poem by Richard Brautigan......
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