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December By The Merri

December near to Christmas in the City of Warrnambool
And the happy echo of laughter in the deep dark Merri River pool
Of teenagers enjoying themselves in the evening sunshine
In weather warm and pleasant with a temperature high of twenty nine

How marvelous to be living on this nice Summer's day
Where the quiet deep Merri waters crawl on towards Lady Bay
Long before there was a City known as Warrnambool or long before the birth of rhyme
The waterway now known as The Merri flowed through the centuries of time

Where Australia's first people fished and hunted and had their corroborees
The people who had lived in the coastal lands for thousands of centuries
Under the scrub by the old river their hidden graves do lay
It is said their spirits living by The Merri today

The laughter of teenagers swimming a happy sound to hear
December by The Merri is such a lovely time of year
The beauty all around me in mental images i will retain
And store it in my memory for to visualize again.

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