More Time,

More time,
More time,
More love from the other side,
Think that soul,
Exuberance in thought,
Think of the future,
My story is all by myself,
This King is not Ignorant,
Greed is all within them,
More time that is Lovable than Hatred,
In my own Picture,
More that is to be told to these World,
This is more time and love,
Ain't no love from the Other Side,
Jealousy Inside,
Wishing this man to fade,
But to tell you my story,
I feel all aienated,
In the World today,
Many are still playing the Bust and the Killing's.

by maxpoet beauty

Comments (3)

Tonight once more / I find a single prayer and it is not for men - - this poem just calls for meditation
Stanley Amazing showcase of poetry, keep it up
This is a very beautiful poem. I love how it paints a picture in you head.