WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

December's Cry

Gone are the sorrows lies for a greater tomorrow
Sunny skies shine no more for dim are the lights for a greater day.
Cry not those wasted tears of sorrow today
The dawn rises on no more cloudy skies
Cry not old sacred willow tree
Lost is now the child gone to the sea
Radiant is the air that surrounds you now
Lifting your spirits to calmer shores light takes you away

Looking back on times we spent of great moments by
Thinking not of sadness but of the times shared
Caring and sharing the laughter of yesterday
No more sweet melodies utterance to my solitude
Weeping on what could have been not thinking of what it was
We crave for your presents now denied
Hopeful wishes fell on deafening ears desires

Quite the storm brewing genteelly into the night
Faded the luminescent dims in the darkness looms it eerie shadow
Passing through and touching our so call reality
Laying a hand on our souls passing by and by
Perilous the journey we all must travel home

Cry for yesterday, cry for today and cry for tomorrow as well
Cry if you must and cry if you want to
Shed your tears for what could have been
The dawn will still arrive tomorrow to shine once again

Transience we are in this realm of servitude
Our heart keeps love ones close
Promises, not tomorrow can guarantee to be
Gone we are not unless forgotten
Go forth for we all shall one day meet
Glorious the day of our reconciliation
They will shine as long as they are remembered by the ones left behind
To the same place our destination leads
God's speed be with you

by Wilfred Mellers

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nice sad meditative poem, thank you for sharing............10+++