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Decent Men

There is a decency in the world
It does not stop death
But if memory is preserved it is stronger than death.

Karl was a grave digger and the foreman
Of a crew right out of 'Mice and Men.'
I remember his call as a teen,
When chill had taken me
From opening the sweet earth
With too little understanding.

Small thing a toll call from Groton to Dryden
Long before the word cellular was ever heard
A small thing but decent for Karl was truly poor.
He did not have money for toll calls,
But Karl was a decent man.

Dave Carter is a decent man.
He gave a kidney to a friend to live.
My mission must be prayer
That God will see him safely through and home again,
If all goes well they will see each other every day at work.
Only Greek is strong enough to hold an act called 'agape.'
For Dave Carter is a decent man.

Ron Fogleman is a decent man famous to a few.
Helpful to men he never knew in face but understood in form.
I have a hunch about all those combat missions in Nam.
A decent man, they were not flown for gain or glory.
Ron Fogleman is a decent man.

I wonder when God judges me
If he will hold his standard against the likes of these?
I pray he won't for words can not compete with deeds
For these are decent men but of far greater sum.

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