RM (17/07/1949 / SYDNEY)


Oh no, I'm left behind
I wish that I had not been blind
To what Christian people said,
'Believe on Christ and be not dead.'

They are gone now to their Lord
Who came and 'caught' them in accord
With what the Bible has to say;
I disbelieved and so I stay.

YOU told me that, 'There is no God'
And explained it with a nod,
When I asked YOU, 'Is God dead? '
YOU told me, 'Yes' from your head.
'There is no God' YOU did say
'When the world is in this way'
I believed YOU and now see
What YOUR wisdom has done to me.
Yeshua has come, returned again
He 'caught up' His redeemed, it is plain.
And I am left alone with YOU;
Oh, please tell me what to do.

YOU say, 'Do not believe this lie,
there is no more life after you die;
and Yeshua the Messiah is not true,
so just do what YOU tell me to.
Alright then, I will obey
What you say now sounds OK,
There is no Messiah, now or then
What was YOUR name?
Oh yes, it's SATAN.

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