Poem By KyawZwar Myint

So serene was seemed the mo
Amidst the white of the frozen sea of clouds,
A bitter joy of loneliness for company
I wander the path of
Cold yet savory; blurry yet enticing
Alluring was to walk down along the unknown destiny.

Unknown Destiny?
Nay! How much mind seeks be deceived.
From the deepest corner of my heart
A faint light cries in despair.

Hold on! Hold on!
Unknown be true or 'Forgotten Known'?
So lost were you to cherish the colors of white,
The cleverest master of disguise,
To be lost in the endless cycle of life.

So beyond the knowledge
Oh my heart! Spare me the strength to fly
Out of this enchanted sea of clouds
To a place unbound of unknow' and lingering attach'.

Comments about Deception

I like the line 'A bitter joy of loneliness for company'. It tells me how you really feel and it's plain-speaking - I mean it's how a person speaks today. It isn't a cliche.

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