HLS (28 October 1986 / Colombus, GA)


what is it today with all the wars and treaties,
why not take that money to help the poor and needy
there are things in life that can be very pleasing,
this world is beautiful but the inside can be quite deceiving,
it seems as if people today have just stopped believing,
take a look at your life, what is it your really achieving?
Too much sin,
people have hate within,
pretty soon this whole world is going to come to an end,
He has the power to start it all over again.
This world is full of hate and deception,
people speak about freedom, but the government just arrests em’
freedom of speech? I have no recollection...
God is there to show you the direction,
He is also there when you are in need of protection,
so why is it so hard for people to accept Him...

by hunter l sawyer

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