When I look across the ocean and I see the sky aglow,
I am convinced heaven is on other row;
But deception of my senses let me have another dream;
Things are not the same as appearances make them seem.

I see the sky is blue but is that really true,
And I see the stars twinkling as if they are watching you;
Makes me think of me my sanity is unsound,
Or my vision failed to recognize what my questioning mind has found.

Life is what I have and this is what I see,
But is there really death as is supposed to be.
Still life has no secrets where it has gone,
But a dream will show me I am not alone.

Tomorrow when my shadow hides beneath the dust,
And my friends will laugh and cry and moan a loss,
My son will walk the path where I have trod;
For he is my transformation to walk with GOD.

by Parmanand Mahabir

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