Deceptive Mirrors

Their mirrors reflect untruths
Their mirrors reflect lies
Their mirrors tell fables
Their mirrors tell fairy tales
They own deceptive mirrors.

When they look at their mirrors
they see what they are not
They see illusions
Their mirrors inflate their egos
Their mirrors makes them thick headed
Their mirrors invoke pride
Deceptive mirrors.

Mirrors have deceived political leaders
Mirrors have deceived pastors
Mirrors have deceived musicians
Mirrors have deceived youngsters
Mirrors have deceived ordinary men
Mirrors have deceived ordinary women
Deceptive mirrors.

by Qiniso Mogale

Comments (1)

There is illusion in mirror. That reflects exact shadow of a person is not the exact personality rather that is untruth and it reflects lies. But mirror tells a fable. An amazing modern assessment is done on mirror basing on perception.10