Deciding They Will Run

Crucial have been the warnings,
Yet the effect of them have had no affect.
Those suspected to be negative,
In the delivery of them...
No longer feel they should be protective,
Or obligated to others...
Incapable of showing either respect or reflection.

Crucial have been the warnings without them to dawn,
Why those events that are going on...
Are signs for those unconscious,
To stop what they prioritize to shaken themselves awake...
With it realized how important life to them is.
And the need it is for them to examine,
All that is celebrated that eliminates truth to value the fake.

And perhaps the ease made to escape from truth,
Has reduced it to an inconvenience.
But nothing can keep it from being produced,
To have it felt by those unprepared...
Deciding they will run away.
But to where?
Since delusions to keep has never kept anyone protected.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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