Decieved Again

Poem By Crystal Maresh

He says his heart belongs to me,
But how do I know it’s not a lie?
I have been deceived before,
By others who have said that.

When is this hurt going to end?
When will his heart melt,
What happens if that it does melt
But it’s too late for me.

I wish he would show me
More emotions in public, instead of
The ones in front of our friends.
Am I really that bad?

Is he embarrassed to be seen with me
In public? Do I really look that bad.
I love him and I show him affections,
I hold him and hug him, but he just kisses me briefly.

Is the attraction of hotter girls
Is what makes him not want to hold any part of me?
I just wish he would show the same affections
To me, like I do with him.

Is this a one sided relationship,
Or 2 sided?
Does he just want sex,
Or does he truly love me?

This is the story
Of a sad lonely girl.

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