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Decision Day
JH (January 4,1931 / a citizen of the world)

Decision Day

In fifteen second you'll be dead.
The decision is entirely yours.
The pain you've endured makes
the act so simple.

No more palliative injections
No more morphine as the pain
became excruciating.
No more, no more, today's the day.

You searched your conscience
and said your goodbyes.
Unwavering you press the YES button.
Miraculously the pain decreases.

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Comments (2)

Written without an overlay of emotional sentimentality, you state the case for voluntary euthanasia eloquently. It's hard to believe that the very people who demand the right to life, refuse the right to death - with dignity and compassion. For most with terminal illness, the knowledge that relief is available is all that is necessary. Very few actually need to use it, but the fact that they can, makes what life they have so much more bearable. 'Thou shalt not kill, but shalt not strive officiously to keep alive.' My old mum used to say that - she was an old grey mare (army nurse) who looked after some of our boys overseas during the Second World War. A fine poem. love, Allie xxxx
Bob Dent was the first Australian to die legally by voluntary euthenasia on 22 September,1996. I applaud Jerry in writing sensitvely and properly about it. Since that event we've had to suffer precedent after precedent being overturned by Kevin Andrews, et al, in an asinine continuation of moral/paralegal thuggery. If terminally ill he argues you only have the right to die slowly and painfully - in no way can you be given assistance to hasten the death process... Crikey, we're talking voluntary euthenasia, not compulsory euthenasia! Good one Jerry. Rgds, Ivan