Poem By Nancy L Cohen

Sometimes we go through life never receiving the answers that we feel we require.
I quote from someone dear to me 'It is what it is. There may not always be an answer.'

Can we with our minds and emotions be settled with this?
We are created to use intelligence to understand situations and problems.

Are our emotions equipped like this as well?
To always be able to understand.

Sometime we have to pull from our inner strength.
People fail us all the time. That is their nature.

We have to find what our strength is and hold on to that.
If it is a true strength then we won't stumble backwards.

There will be times where we have stumbling blocks.
Where we feel like our weakness is going to over take us.

That is the reason God has placed special people in our lives.
For times like these when we can't stand alone.

We were never created to stand alone.
In the beginning there was man AND women.

We go through life with this idea of our mate.
What we desire to have.

We spend a lot of time trying different ones on.
Like shopping for clothes.

These times we should appreciate no matter how they turn out or what scars they may leave.
We have to learn and grow from them so when we find that perfect fit we don't screw it up.

To me this is an inner decision.
How will that person affect me for the rest of my life?

Will I allow them to steal my joy?
Will I thank them for the time that we had and come out happy no matter what?

Now it is time to make that inner decision.
What do I want to take with me for the rest of my life?

Can I be settled enough inwardly to realize that this is what it is?
And realize I don't have the ability to change people.

When you are dealing with people who are completely self-centered, your questions will always remain unanswered.
They don't CARE about anything but themselves.

No matter how much time was put into that relationship.
No matter how much love.

You gave your best.
Have peace with that.

You are good enough.
She just didn't get it.

Move on!
It's your decision! !

Comments about Decisions

Very spiritual Nancy, reminds me (spiritually) of my poem 'Journey'. Great poem. I've decovered if youreact to what someone says/does it is only ego controlling your emotions. love it. Liz.

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