LM (02/09/81 / Australia)


I sit in my room and I ponder,
everything that's happened in my life,
Have made the right decisions?
I wonder,
I can not know this until after.

After the decision has been made,
but even if it is wrong,
each of us has to in their own bed lay,
but what keeps a few of us there -
still laid,
is that some of us choose not to swim,
but rather to drown,
in life's bad-decisions bay.

each decision we make is for a reason,
and 'mistakes' are but mere lessons
to learn in the life,
that we have been destine to live,
some of us do not realise this,
so their FULL potental,
they have yet to give.


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Life is full of decisions, , but I have decided this is a good poem dave xxx