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Poem By Bobby Mallow


Hearts are easily broken
But always seem to mend
Why do we hang on desperately
To the things we know should end

I know if love were easy
Then it wouldn’t be hard to find
But once we have finally found it
We have a choice and we must decide

Decisions aren’t always easy
They may need a little time
And hearts don’t have to be broken
Just nurtured and treated so kind

I’m waiting as well as hoping
That love will come my way
I wonder what it is that you wish for
I’m confused and think about it everyday

Your eyes tell me a story
I look at them all the time
But I’m scared that I may be falling
For someone who can’t be mine

But I feel we are getting closer
To accepting what will be
I know that I could love you forever
But can you ever just love me

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