Decisions, Decisions

Just when you think you've figured it out
The universe throws you a curve,
Yesterday your world was all in its place
Today it's all up in the air!

You thought you knew where you were headed,
The map had been carefully drawn,
But somehow that road doesn't look very clear
And a detour now stands in your way;

With one destination it's easy to see
How to get from point A to point B,
But with two destinations the rules don't apply
Better rethink the roads that you take;

I guess the real question comes down to the crux
Of the matter you need to address -
Which road leads the way to goals you have set
And which road leads to destiny's plan?

Oh, can't life be easy for one blessed day -
Must it always demand that we choose?
Just when you think you can have it your way.............
They shuffle the deck, and you lose!

by Linda Ori

Comments (6)

Linda, been in that situation too many time and each I've made the wrong choice, except once, and that turned out to be a good road I took many, many years ago. Great write my friend, thanks for sharing it. David
I live with someone who is decisive and quick to make decisions - the world seems black and white to him. I, on the other hand, sometimes find it difficult to judge the greys of my heart. This thoughtful piece explores the dilemma with a clear and honest voice. Good luck! love, Allie xxxx
God is a lot smarter than some would like to think...For if God made life easy...What in heavens name would we have to look forward to? ! Great Stuff MIDNIGHT! ............was that your poem for the summer? lol! FjR
And the missing word is .... 'say'. Sorry... oops
Tomorrow Linda. I think it is always going to be a problem... and the worst of it is that for the most part it is made out of what we did yesterday.. and yet I still can't work it out.. A part of me likes it that way, another part would like just a little more in the matter. This is a great contemplative piece, written with all your well recognised skills. A real pleasure to read and think about! ! Thank you.. jim xxx
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