Decisions Of Dust

There are those moments in our lives
We would love to have again
A second chance to make it different
Than how it turned out then
A love once lost some years ago
When love to you was blind
You chose instead another path
When her offer you declined
The memories of that choice you made
Has haunted you so long
And to this day you still lament
That decision made so wrong
Not able are you to forget
The love you pushed aside
A lifetime full of happiness
To yourself you have denied
You think about her constantly
And wonder what you'd do
If given now a second chance
The past you could undo.

by Bridgid Patrick

Comments (5)

Dear Brigid, A departure from the light verse to thought provoking depths. Good. It keeps the readers on their toes! A fine poem with good use of rhyme and meter. Best, Hugh
Hey there, Lady Bridg! Been wondering where you've been! But you're back now, and that's the important thing. A meaningful write with a well-fitting scheme of rhythm and rhyme. Your typical stuff. Was perusing your 'Jimmy Tattersall' and 'Rhyme is A Crime' over the weekend. Welcome back Bridgid! ! ! With warmth, Gina.
This is great, I wonder what it would be like to view the past at any given time, from some cinema screen, set up somewhere that we could just access when we felt the need. Perhaps we would see much more or maybe we would think that it was not as we remembered it as our learning influences may have changed the pictures slightly over the years, not sure, anyway Very thought Provoking. Love Duncan
How vividly this poems brings to my mind that other one, 'The Road Not Taken.' We each and every one, if we are old enough, can look back and ponder on that road, and wonder and what if ourselves to death. Then we must just pick up the present and go on with WHAT IS. Scarlett
I think many of us ponder on this, and you have brought it across brilliantly, well done Bridgid.