Decisions To Make

Too many wait for someone else.
To make a decision.
They could have made but don't.
And won't take the initiative.
But sit in fear that if they did,
Approval will not come.
For something they do with it to choose.
May offend someone to have that done.
Too many today are often heard to say,
If they knew what was for them to come.
They would not wait.
For someone else to decide,
What it is they should have done to do.
But instead of doing that,
They return to sitting back.
With a doing to select effortlessly to attack,
Another with accusations.
But will not reveal to others they conceal,
Actual facts.
As to why they would choose,
To stab another in the back.
Who had refuse to accept,
More excuses for themselves.
To allow the taking of their time to waste.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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