Declamatory Rants

Could there be more to find behind,
Declamatory rants.
Other to advance old chips unsettled.
Carried on a shoulder,
Of one unable to solve an argument.
Sitting and allowed to boil up steam.
Until one growls.
Feeling the time has come.
To demean others like it was done.
When the one who now growls,
Blows a fuse to appear mentally confused.

What is behind those nasty rants.
Who was it that refused this one to speak.
When that opportunity came to dismiss it.
Now other 'stuff' has been added to the mix.
Most of it disgusting.
Coming out of one's mouth with no end to it.
A few who listen are more familiar than not.
But will not admit,
They lit the flame that started it.
And there they sit.
Disputing the rants of one who spews.
Declaring one rages from a craze permitted.
To self inflict.
Without their knowledge or involvement.
As to why.
Although omitting to know of reason.
And blaming age as a reliable excuse to use.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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