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Declan says of himself i am not a patriot of that i won't lie
For flag or for country i never would die
I do not wish to be one of the heroic dead
I hope for a long and a happy life of me ahead

Declan in his mid twenties has no plans to be wed
Though some of the finest of the local young women he has taken to bed
A few of them have fallen for him in a big way
But as single and carefree he has vowed he will stay

Not interested in sports or in arts or football
Apart from women and beer he is interested in little else at all
On work to those in need of advice the advice he does give
Is do not live for your work just work for to live

He does not have a group and he does his own thing
In the pub singalong he is happy to sing
A character Declan in his own carefree way
One i do see often though not every day.

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