(July 14,1982 / Los Angeles, California)

Declaration Of Might For Love

Hold onto me my dear
My embrace will rid you of fear
I’ve worked on these muscles for oh so long
To offer you protection through becoming strong
See how well I fair in the gauntlet
Observe me now and take heed my pet
As I battle new foes I have not yet met

Through the pit of fire I now do hasten
Hop, jump, run cause time is a wastin’
This spectacle of gallantry is sure to impress
Catered for you with such bold finesse

Up to snow-laden hilltops I do now climb
The sub-zero climate doesn’t hinder my time
You marvel and gasp as you watch me go
All the extremes I’d go through for show

Down though deep water with dangerous fish
Fighting them off postponing their new dish
More convinced you now have shifted
As more daring for you I have now drifted

About a frightful ghost house I fare now
Just for good measure if it’s real somehow
Nothing went “boo” but still content you remain
For me now does not exist one iota of disdain

So here you are left to live on from today
I only hope that in me your confidence will stay
Try and look, if you must, at all the things I’ve done
If somehow you’ve lost trust I’d give it another run
Because for you I live life to a fuller extent
And I’ll prove it again if it makes you content.

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