Declared Jackass

Many have been taught and conditioned,
To tolerate your indignities.
As if you were some deity,
In a temporary stupor.
Preparing to announce,
A healing of hypocrisies!
That has you itching to free...
Of flies and fleas.

You may be drunk as a skunk...
And intoxicated with over rated self importance.
But there has been one too many episodes,
Of forgiving and forgetting your actions done.
Compared against your absent,
And nonexisting good intentions!
Did I mention...
You are disgusting?
The only reason for the attention you adore!

And 'if' anyone believes you have value,
As a human being?
That 'may' be God!
Although He can not be too pleased!
Everytime you call His name...
You have been found inebriated,
Pleading on your wobbled knees!

And God knows,
I have a lot of work to do myself.
On more than just inflating my ego!
That is the difference between you...
A declared jackass.
And me!
Not a task I accept to pass.

I can be a fool but I am no damn donkey!
And you have held onto that title for quite sometime.
Finding opportunity to dine on complaints and whines.
Proving your skills have gone unchallenged!
And the tolerance of it has gone into overtime!
The day nears and has got to come!
Since the smell of your heaving,
Has pissed off everyone!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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