(5 June 1898 – 19 August 1936 / Fuente Vaqueros)


Find them a conscience declared in
an absolute casual
sun, find them a feat
declared by the happy
Absolute windows, absolute little lives
Always tell a wall, letter throne
stone desk-life, as it may
That which through
a cautious power dwells, accidental and passing

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Zonse zambwino
MyNOTES: MODERN Poem Of The Day, eralier below I wrote a mistake, that must be MODERN Poem and not as I earlier mentioned below. Thank you.
This poem misses many things, especially The ORIGINAL FORM of this world famous poem of Ferderico Garcia Lorca. Thank you for your attention, regards from sad Sylvia FC, Dutch Poetess.
This poem reads very odd and is incomplete, therefore it does not deserve a posting here, because I cannot write a feedback, a conclusion or just a pretty comment since I cannot read this poem of the world famous FREDERICO GARCIA LORCA. I am saddest about that, truly very very sad. CONGRATS for being chosen as the Classic Poem Of The Day!
TWO: default settings of the text box here. Thank you so much, Lantz! Truly, a greatest relief for me.
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