(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Declining Comprehensions

Void of perception...
An introspection,
Some don't understand.

Many are inflicted with mind limits.
With no benefits...
To assist this supply,
That has gotten out of hand.

Face to face with truth,
Is useless without eye contact.
Saying something as fact...
Can not be backed up by heresay!
It happens
But it shouldn't!
Yet it does and can offer,
Considerations for conflict.
This is the kind of sick that is unaware,
Of it existing.

No one explores a better way.
Than the shutting down of borders,
And the closing of cracked doors!

Leaving everything to be driven,
Down the drain!
With claims of no one listening!
With an opened ear.

And everyone seems to fear,
Not being competitive in displaying more anger!
As we take seditives for this and that,
Just to keep ourselves...
Acceptably pretentious.

We do this consciously!
And self-righteously,
Standing in the path of others.
Those who beg for wanting less,
Than they already have!

Void of perception...
And how this rejection,
Stunts our very growth!

No matter who has been taught,
To pass judgements...
Based on declining comprehensions!
Every scene of this memoir,
In this age of reversing progress
And written about these times...
Will reveal detail upon detail,
A fast lip flipping delivery given.
A show of classic ignorance paraded,
With dignity and pride attached!
And masses attacked...
For disapproving this movement!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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