Decode My Love

Poem By Felix Lugo

Decode My Love (Newest Poem by Lugo)

Does she know the thoughts that go through my mind? Does she feel what I feel before I lay my heart to rest at night? Would she even notice the words I write in this letter? Could I ever accept if she denies me but welcomes another? Could I ever feel the same again if I don't become her other half? Would I ever feel complete? Her smile and laughter melts my particles of love. My heart has been shattered before and what remains are the fragments that was once a complete soul. I'm scared. I feel numb at times. Would she give me a chance or would I get the same answer as before and be lost? Should I pour my heart in this letter and it never get a respond? Would the love I express be erased if things don't go certain ways? Could she understand the language I speak that has no words to be heard? It's a feeling that could only be decoded by the designated decoder who understands the helplessly romantic encoder. It's chemistry I know exists between us but the chemical reaction is unknown. Would she be willing to explore the possibly that maybe her love has always been searching for the love that I am willing to give? Could I have been searching in the wrong places and she discovered my map? With one kiss could we instantly fall deeper in love just like that?

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Dear Felix, such a lovely write👍👍👍

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