Decoding The Language Of So-Called 'Teachers'

Have you ever had trouble understanding what your teacher means
When he/she says something so complex that the class gapes in awe? (just kidding ^.^)
If you are...(or if you'd like to understand it better) you've come to the right place! (er, link, poem, whatever.)
Explore the language of these strange beings in layman(-woman, -teen, -child) terms...
When your teacher says:
'Please stop socializing, '
They really mean:
'Stop talking and get to work.'
When they say:
'I hope you will make wise decisions when choosing your group members, '
They actually mean:
'Don't choose your best friend and get distracted by him/her.'
And if they say:
'I'm very unimpressed, '
They really mean:
'You're doing terrible today.'
Sometimes they might say:
'You need more practice, '
That would mean:
'You haven't been trying hard enough.'
Or if that's the opposite of your situation, and they say:
'Keep working at this level, '
They actually mean,
'Good work today, '
And you glow with pride.

And on the occasion that the person sitting behind you is doing something rather 'inappropriate' (rude or gross) ,
They would probably say:
'Victor, please remove your finger from your nasal cavity'...
And that you REALLY don't wanna know-
Let's just put it this way: they did the boogie (and I don't mean the dance) ...

by Leslie Ching

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This poem is very informative and funny Lslie.