Decorated With Plated Gold

Why is it...
People want more slices,
Of someone else's pie...
When it has already been decided,
Two pies made by different chefs...
Are both equally delicious.
And each has their own,
Selected committee...
To pick from pies submitted,
Which one is the best.

'One is decorated with plated gold.
With a getting of more attention,
On it focused to get.
And the other,
Although decorated...
Is not as flashy.
And attracts less attention.'

And who is that chef over there,
Wearing the cap?
Why isn't he caught up,
In this attention to get trap?

'That's Tyler.
He could care less,
Who is protesting over decorations.
He has found a formula,
For everything he bakes...
Pies, cakes and even takes criticisms.
With a doing of it to place himself,
Into a position to create his on prize...
If he so chooses.'

Why doesn't he choose to do just that?

'That man is not into slicing to take away,
A piece of somebody else's pie.
And why should he?
When his pies are all over the place.
And he's not waiting for anyone,
To acknowledge his abilities.
Or the quality of taste.
With announcements made,
That his flavor is better than others.
He has proven he can make,
His own opportunities.
Authentic and not affected by replicas.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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