Dedicated To Loneliness

Poem By Lora Colon

Loneliness, I need not speak a word
To inform you of my wretched pain,
All through the night your vigil you keep
Hearing my heart call to Love, in vain;
Sensing my distress, you warn the dawn
To tap gently at my window pane

You know me so well, my heart's a book
You've read many times, with empathy;
Steadfastly you watch, come rain or shine,
You stand at your post most faithfully;
I feel your presence in the darkness
When tears blind my eyes mercilessly

In a moment of false bravado,
Foolishly, I pushed you from my side
When I believed Love had come to stay -
A silly notion I now deride,
Somehow you knew not to stray too far,
And when you returned, how we both cried!

Come, Loneliness, let's call it a night,
I'll discard these dreams, then we'll go home,
Once again we'll amble, side by side,
I have you..... there's no reason to roam,
Tonight I'll raise my glass in a toast:
To you, friend, I dedicate this poem!

Comments about Dedicated To Loneliness

This poem is dedicated to loneliness and has been placed under the topic of 'Love and Life'. One should assume therefore that the poem is an honest appraisal of how the poetess felt at the time of writing. Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty. (Mother Teresa) . This is a well crafted poem, written from the heart. I find it particularly offensive when, supposedly, intelligent people mock the injury of another, whether it be permanent or temporary, whether it be physical, emotional or psychological. Here in Britain, years ago, there was a 'watch with mother' programme on television called 'Bill and Ben the flower pot men'. I grew out of it at about the age of five. Reading the comments underneath by B.E. and B.J. took me back to childhood.
mercifully.............. maybe? hmmm? blue flower pot on the back porch? isn't that where Doberman P. sleeps? ? Good Luck, Brian. you may need it. i know of no other poet [not that i know a LOT of them] who can turn loneliness and pain into beautiful poems. outstanding. bri :) to MyPoemList for sure. maybe i'll get a good cry out of it some day?
I knew there was someone else in your life! I just knew it. I'm so jealous! But I'm telling you I'll bet that he has other girlfriends on the side. Just because I have to travel for a living does not mean that I don't love you too! Maybe a new haiku will cheer you up till I get back... my soul truly found though vast as ocean or sky lost now in your eyes It's OK though. Go ahead and write him poems but hide a key for me in the blue flower pot on the back porch. (Report)
A nice loneliness dedication poem! And when returned, how we both cried, Come, loneliness, let's call it a night, Well done, Lora!

4,8 out of 5
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