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Dedicated To: My Daughter Riley
RM (05-04-82 / Wichita, Kansas)

Dedicated To: My Daughter Riley

When the doctor’s placed you in my arms, I felt my heart go numb.
I thought you would never come!
How happy you made me!
My beautiful little girl, Riley.
You were fighting mad, kicking me with your tiny little feet.
But I didn’t care you still looked so sweet.
When you looked up at me I felt my heart stop.
It was so filled with happiness and pride, I thought it would just pop.I couldn’t believe that you were finally here.
But you were screaming mad, telling me you were definitely there.
I pulled you close to me never wanting to let you go.
Everybody else wanted a turn to hold you, but I told them all
You finally went to sleep after nursing off of my breast.
And I could feel this sharp pain in my chest.
It was my heart growing bigger, for the love I made just for you.
Finally you were here, at home cuddled in my arms, as you woke up with a smile of contentment and made a coo.

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