IDI (03/11/1989 / Ayegunle Oka Akoko South West local government Ondo state Nigeria)

Dedicated To My Rose

Lass, the inestimable in the midst of the jewels
There are times I go intoxicated with this splendor
The beauty many claimed but yet unborn
But we say during their generation and never now
Because I know where beauty lies and abide
In your habitat, baby in your destination do they
With your indulgence, your face shall I adore
With centuries and to each breasts ten decades
Unto your golden legs walking tall a hundred year
With all these love, misogynists call insanity
But if lunacy nurtures such love to eternity
Great one make us the maddest maybe we may
Continue after the Jewish conversion
We pray the day tarry or never come
For you and I to express this with immortality
We means the faultless long-loving day
Beyond vulnerable reproach of the spouseless gossips
Who have no knowledge of what this means
Because of their loneliness, they condemns
But with undulating plane perched on birds singing romantics everyday
Let us shelve and discard these gossips expressing our love
So might our patriarchs blessing us above
Have glimpses that would make them less forlorn
Or hear the old Valentine preach on love I mean my love

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