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Dedicated To My Sister...
SM (08/05/1982 / Pennsylvania)

Dedicated To My Sister...

That girl is so beautiful,
That girl is so smart.
She makes the best decisions,
She is far from a fool.
She knows exactly where she is going
Because she follows her soul
She has made mistakes in the past
But can you blame her for that.
Everyone does it, it's a known fact.
Yeah some were right, that most have surpassed!

That girl may be blind to the most obvious things.
That girl is to tender, she is so kind
I can see it by why can't she?
They say that she is wonderful, that she is the best!
But she thinks she is no better than the rest.

This girl is just like me... I look in the mirror and i can see
My little sister, who is exactly like me!

That girl is my sister, trying to hide
She felt so alone and decided to hide in disguise
But she is an angel, one with a goal.
To be strong, tough, and yet bold.

I love my little sister with all my heart!
and promise to the very end that we will NEVER PART! ! !

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