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Dedication: From Howard To Clifford Odetts
JL (10-31-49 / Breese Illinois)

Dedication: From Howard To Clifford Odetts

Poem By Josette Lager

Howard still sails the skies
first starting out as Mr. tool
and dye.

Now Howard's on the loose,
what didn' fly Howard, was
it the Hercules or was it the
spruce goose?

I'm in the hotel now
where you resided,
will I stay, I'm undecided.

Everything is crazy clean,
and just plain crazy. A
kleenix here, a bug there
a line drawn with chalk,
whats to talk about Howard
the eccentric Howard the hawk.

Enter, Howard the movie maker
Hollywood's earth shaker, poor
Jane was left out in the cold and
shelved for years, until she grew
old and dried up all her tears.

Yes canned for years
sitting on that shelf and
no ever heard her cry
for help.

Last but not least
the phoney will.I'll
drink to that Howard
lets have us some
swill, Dumas won't
get a dime end of.
story and end of my

Josette Marie Louise Lager

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