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Dedication To Rose
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Dedication To Rose

Poem By Bridget Dunne

It is just two years ago today,
Since my sister Rose went away
I shall never forget the day I heard,
That she flew into the starry skies,

She was my sister and dearest friend
Where I could always come and stay
In her lovely bungalow,
Where she tended me night and day.

I also know shed did not go alone
She was accompanied by our Savior
Who gently guided her all the way
To Heaven and her eternal home.

Rest in peace dear Rosey,
Now you are free from pain
No more grief or sorrow
Because Heaven is your domain

Often in my dreams I see you still
You are smiling like you were,
But you never speak or touch me anymore,
Like you need to do in days of Yore.

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