Deducated To A Brave Women

There was a women with one breast,
It seemed the cancer gave her no rest.
But out of her loving heart,
She sung a song.
Driving away the sense of pain
And despair.
Cause this women said I want to
Give the people hope whom think
Having cancer is an ordeal.
So I decide to peal of the layers of despair,
As I sit in the love chair.
Showing that love and a ferm commitment
Can overcome it all.
Even though she sometimes hits the wall,
And is struck by confusion.
She ordaines that her live is a sign of
Hope and deliverance for those whom
Are fear struck and paralysed.
When they hear about cancer.
Instead she is a dancer,
Who dances with whatever life
Hands her.
And for that she is know
Troughout the world.
As she sings a song so unheared,
By most others who turn away.
From whatever fate the have.

by Ruerd Visser

Comments (2)

So empathic... understanding and caring... this earth is beautiful living place cause people like you are here..... Nice man... carry on your good work... Thank you! 10+ Abhinav Baruah
Cancer is a ravaging desease.