Deducated To The Love Angel

I like to deducate this to Ine also know as love angel,
who has bonecancer and all those who feel troubled from time to time with whatever hardship they face.

Are you humbled by sadness,
or even entrenched in badness?
Does it all seem silly as you try to
evade what life comes up with?
Then remember how trees grow
tall or otherwise, as they firmly root
themselves in the beloved mother.
That gives them the solitude to be
knowing they are still loved and
embraced for a lifetime or more.
And all that is asked for that lovers
embrace is that they in turn
are the backbone of life itself.
And even when the storms of life
are taking their toll that love will
see you trough.
Realising that everything that is
taken is returning to that
wholesome earth.
So the circle is round oncemore.

by Ruerd Visser

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A lovely dedication to one who is a cancer patient to know there is love and hope, and to have faith.