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Dee Jayne

Doesn't matter if you are young middle aged or one of the old blokes or old dears
Dee Jayne is the one for to check out your ears
An expert on hearing of her one can say
She renders a good service and is easy to pay

A beautiful blond woman perhaps in her mid to late forties though she does not look that old
Tall and lean and graceful and attractive to behold
Devoted to her children and her partner and one without conceit
And as a business woman in her line of work with the best she compete

On removing ear wax and testing hearing she is one of the best
Her customers with her are always impressed
Her years of hard work and dedication to her career dividends for her have paid
To many a satisfied customer she has provided many a hearing aid

If you have problems with your hearing give Dee Jayne a ring
To be good at diagnosing hearing problems is her career thing
As an expert on hearing she is known far and wide
And all of her customers with her are always satisfied.

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Her customers with her are always impressed. An amazing poem of impression is shared here.10