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Is it the winter white solitude that engages me?
Or today's recycled salt-filled air?
The peculiar stench of stagnate and wrongs
That has come to my eyes microscopic glare;

My burning nose is ever keen this night
My eyes recall this past unrelenting sting
Recalling the night of the: 'Roof Walker'***
Whose ending is sure to come before the Spring;

Woe to you Sonja and...
Aiding and abetting your friend: rancid coffee of bile
Next door is much too close for your 'ease'
Comfortless, am i, in this your heavy handed guile;

Scaling the fences and walls ever brazen
But un-'victorious', none the less
Caught- 'RED HANDED' in camera
Soon arrested but will you all confess?

By, Theodora Onken

January 25,2013

Post Script ***

Too Bad Jonah wasn't still around
Even though his license has expired
Am sure he still knows all about
Plumbing and gasfitting.

Thank You Michael T. And Robert P.

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