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Deep Brown Eyes
JD (Born on a beautiful morning of September / Canada)

Deep Brown Eyes

I am too afraid to wink
Too sad to shine
Too lonely to blink
Too insecure to draw the line.

Unable to see the soul
Always filled with tears
A heart of gold
No one to understand the fears.

These Deep Brown Eyes are now undesirable
The Deep that weakens the spirit and soul
Unable to believe that change is possible
The Brown that touches the mind and heart's hole.

Of Indian descent, this is not part of my role
The Eyes that see only failure and gloom
Negative pressure is tearing my world apart
Afraid of rejection and being locked in a white room.

Deep Brown Eyes once were mine
But unfortunately I am not a survivor, of those few
I was unable to draw the line
I did not learn how to pray and seek help too.

Do not look into my Deep Brown Eyes anymore
Too late it would be, you will only see anger and my sore
Now let me sleep for once and go away
I will finally be fine, I will be okay.

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For all we know this may only be a dream...for all we know L