Deep Delven

Deep in the heart of a friendly, dark wood
Where fox and badger safely play
Where the tall pines court the clouds above
There lies Deep Delven

Along the river, where the wild iris grows
And the otter fishes without a care
Where willow weeps and aspen trembles
Is the hidden path to Deep Delven

The ferns grow green from a leaf strewn bed
And squirrel hides his autumn hoard
But squirrel needs not to look far for cones
In the forest of Deep Delven

The sun shining high above the trees
Cannot reach their moss covered roots
Yet all is dry and warm; a twilight place
For older than time seems Deep Delven

It seems to know all there is to know
You can feel it's spirit laughing
At the crazy world running rings outside
The protecting forest of Deep Delven

Yet there's no sense of utter good
But no feeling of evil either
The place just is, and you are welcome there
In the peaceful place called Deep Delven

by Marilyn Shepperson

Comments (3)

Sounds like a mystical realm I wouldn't be adversed to visiting. Just give me directions and I am SO there. Delightful penning, Marilyn.
A lovely Nature piece. You have evoked the spirit of the place. Susie.
nice indeed..i like the rhtym of the poem...