He loved her ~ She loves him
He lost her ~ She let him go
He’s dead inside ~ It’s killing her
He doesn’t know what to do ~ She’s searching for her meaning
She was his best friend ~ He was there for her
He wanted to be with her for eternity ~ She didn’t know what she wanted
He hurt her deeply ~ Just another scar
He cried over her ~ She has no tears left
A beautiful friendship gone ~ Never to be seen again
He finds comfort in drinking ~ She deserves the pain
His pain is recent ~ It started the day she was born
He doesn’t understand ~ She doesn’t understand
He is broken ~ She was never healed

by Lana May Hamlin

Comments (3)

Sounds like a mystical realm I wouldn't be adversed to visiting. Just give me directions and I am SO there. Delightful penning, Marilyn.
A lovely Nature piece. You have evoked the spirit of the place. Susie.
nice indeed..i like the rhtym of the poem...