Deep Depression And The Lack Of Any Yearning

I remember as a child I had a deep seeded fear of heights
I would envision my demise long prior to even a possible fall
Once as a teenage boy I knocked a front tooth from my mouth
When I jumped twenty feet into a drainage ditch next to our house
My mother rushed me to the dentist with my tooth in milk
He soon restored my youthful smile
But did little if any at all to replace my fear of falling
As I still panicked whenever I even stood close to a ledge....
For the last sixty years I have managed to cope more or less
Always waking up before any tragedy occurred
But last night upon being led to this cliff in my life
I jumped and have not landed yet
as I knew it was a bottomless pit I was entering....

by Ted Sheridan

Comments (5)

Ted, it's a big bottomless pitt, perhaps the worse ever, but you'll claw your way out and up, up, up...It is NOT easy.....just know there are many here for you! ! ! ! love, marci.xo
The bottomless pit.......mmmmm you are right! !
The bottomless pit, I've come to learn, is just part of life and yes from early childhood on for many of us I imagine.....Even if we have to claw ourselves up with our fingernails we always do.....and yeh, we'll fall in it again, at age 5, at age 10 or 50 or even 60 as you mention here....Was hoping by than there might be no more bottomless pits........I hope your day gets must know that you are never alone in this 'dark hole.' Absolutely never alone! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! hugs, marci.xo
As Angie said. And I think there are VERY many on here who can relate precisely to that feeling - few who would have the guts or ability so to express it though. Big hugs, t x
I worked down that bottomless pit well it seemed bottomless it was quite a job