Deep Down

Poem By Michael James Kennedy Findlay

Deep down inside me, a passion burns

Deep down in me, a secret passion is rising

Making me desire you more, making me jealous

The feeling that I can not breath and exist without you

The idea that there is only one for me, you and, only you

The wanting deep down, trying to escape me, trying to be spoken

The feeling which cannot be described in written or words spoken

Your heart telling you want that person more, that you want them in your arms

Dreams filled with only you make my nights fly by, dreams of ideal situations

Dreams of nights cuddled up warm to you and passionate nights out on the river

Love can find its own way, speak true the words you feel, never hold back

Comments about Deep Down

'Deep Down', Michael...I'm wondering if you meant to use the word 'breathe' instead of 'breath'. I like it. LSP

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