Dementia Daze

In some bad dream
Far away from reality
You're decaying and receding
Further into your shell
So frail your mottled chalk thin skin is now
Stretching over hollows and boxes of polished ivory
Your mind, an empty armoire
Damp with silverfish and camphor balls

Today I am being firmly pushed away
While you're planning your escape
Turning the pages of a phone book
With your back to me

Sensing me
You become agitated
Circulatory overloaded
Lost at sea you eddy
Your eyes wide and wild
Another dead neurone
Floats by

All your glue is disappearing
Daily, hourly, this minute
Random brain deaths
Killing all connections
Past and present

Meanwhile under blue rinse
Synapse cling together for dear life
Losing the battle
A Custer's last stand

Drowning in your depths
Of quicksand
A single tear roll
You begin singing softly
In a broken quavering voice
'It's a long way to Tipperary'

by Simone Inez Harriman

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