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Deep Inside

Deep inside my true black heart
Pieces are beginning to fall apart
In a world very like our own today
It is filled with nothing but blood and hate
Lives are at risk and yet no one cares
The children sit in their broken chairs
They are filled with hatred with a menacing glare
They sit so calmly through pain and stare
What’s left of their souls crumbles to dust?
They could care less about who to trust
They never wonder who else is with them too
So they just go on with nothing brand new
They just mope and grope and cry and hate
Until they reach their final gate
Where they fly through old rusted doors
With trees surrounding leaf filled floors
The dark falls on them ever so slow
No light to guide their way through the snow
Their shadow tends to lead them through
Until they reach the graves they fall into
Once they land in to their homes
Away their skin melts into bones
They look at rest and so peaceful
But they go on to another whirlpool

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