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Deep Inside
SA Silver Akira ( / Mcdill Airforce Base)

Deep Inside

Deep inside,
A lonely little girl cries,
In the darkness she is kept,
For no one has found her yet.

On the outside rests a girl,
Dressed all in black,
Hiding her true self,
So that she doesn't get hurt.

The little girl inside,
She begs to be released,
To exist once more,
In the outside world.

The girl on the outside cries,
Little drops of blood,
Splash upon the ground,
She begs for it to end.

The little girl,
She knows it's done,
Never again will she be free,
For on the outside she is dying.

On the outside,
A corpse fell to the floor,
Blood spread around the body,
When the cops came it was too late.

Words were whispered,
Upon the wind,
'This was my fate,
And thus is my end.'

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